San Pasqual — Soups & Sustainability

“I joyfully celebrate the food I am given.

May it deeply nourish everyone that I feed.”

~ San Pasqual


San Pasqual was born in Torrehermosa in the Kingdom of Aragon on May 24, 1540 on the Feast of Pentecost called in Spain “the Pasch (or “Passover”) of the Holy Spirit,” hence the name Paschal.  He was a mystic and contemplative, and he had frequent visions and spent many nights in prayer before the altar.

When just a child, he worked as a shepherd and taught himself to read with the help of some of the townspeople.  He joined the Reformed Franciscan Order around 1564.  He was devoted to the poor, and though a bowl of broth was the standard handout to the poor who came to the friars for sustenance, Pascual would cook a pot of cabbage, add bread and meat and give it to the poor believing they deserved more than leftovers.


San Pasqual was a simple Franciscan friar devoted to the Holy Eucharist.  He was assigned duties in the monastery’s kitchen and was known for making wonderful meals with the simple foods that he found in his humble kitchen.  As he cooked, his fellow friars would see him meditating or praying and believed he had the help of angels to assist him in his daily tasks.  He is considered the patron saint of cooks and kitchens.  San Pasqual died on May 17,1592 which is his current feast day.


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