Lights on St. Lucy’s Day

saint lucy


I mentioned when launching this website that you could expect so see something about our use of electrical lighting on the Feast of Santa Lucia– a few years ago, a student reported on the “Eco-Contemplative Practice” (= some action chosen to express one or more of your beliefs or values that you do MINDFULLY) she had chosen.  So I will let her share something that she tried throughout the semester:


To reduce my electrical use I started unplugging my phone charger when it was done charging. This has been something I know I should do (phantom energy loss), but had never started the habit. Instead of being plugged in 24/7, my phone now charges overnight and is unplugged promptly in the morning and has become a part of my morning routine. I have begun to open up more blinds on the windows instead of turning the lights on and have made sure all unnecessary lights are turned off. If I am watching TV I do not need the kitchen light on. I also turned down my thermostat by five degrees at all times. It is not a programmable thermostat so it is difficult to remember to turn it down at night, but that is my next step in this process.