December 13 – Santa Lucia

Saint Lucia Dingman

Sancta Lucia (283-304)
We light Three Candles on the Advent Wreath. 
Signing our lips with a small sign of the Cross we say or sing:


O Holy ONE + open my lips,

~And my mouth will proclaim your praise.


Blest is the One who comes in the NAME of our God

~Hosanna in the highest!




All may sing or alternate the verses of an Advent Morning Hymn—

Night goes with silent steps Round house and cottage.

O’er earth, that sun forgot Dark shadows linger.

Then on our threshold stands White clad, in candlelight.

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia


Nights full of dark and gloom Now see her swinging
Through all our darkened rooms Good news she’s bringing;
She enters clad in white Wearing a crown of light:
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.


Darkness is fain to flee From valleys deep
Marvelous words to us We hear her speak:
“Christ’s birthday soon shall rise Coming with rosy skies”
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.




O happy herald of Zion go up, go up to a high mountain.

Cry out and shout to all the cities:

“Here is your God, who come with pow’r.  Alleluia.

Psalm 95/96

Sing a new song to Adonai!

Sing it and bless God’s Name!

Sing it everyone, and everywhere!

Proclaim God’s help every day,

Tell every nation about the triumph!

God’s glory and wonders among the peoples.


A God so great deserves all praise,

and the dread of all other gods,

far too many value their worthless idols

but it was Adonai who made the heavens;

to God belong majesty and power

and splendorous beauty in the temple.


Proclaim Adonai, O families of nations,

Praise the glory of God’s power

Praise the glory of the Holy Name.

Bring gifts to offer in the temple,

worship with reverence and awe,

O Earth, join us in praise.


Tell it among the nations:

“Adonai reigns with justice!

As the firmness of Earth is not swayed,

nothing will sway the justice of God.


Let heaven and Earth be glad,

the  sea and its creatures render praise;

the fields and their animals exult,

the trees and their birds sing for joy,

at the presence of Adonai who comes–

who comes to reign on Earth.


With justice God will set Earth aright;

with truth restore the world to right order!


Glory to the ONE and to the WORD

and to the BREATH of Love.

As always before

so now and evermore. Amen.

O happy herald of Zion go up, go up to a high mountain.

Cry out and shout to all the cities:

“Here is your God, who come with pow’r.  Alleluia.



READING   Isaiah 29: 18-21

Go up onto a high mountain, Zion, herald of glad tidings;
Cry out at the top of your voice, Jerusalem, herald of good news!
Fear not to cry out and say to the cities of Judah:
Here is your God! Here comes with power ADONAI ELOHIM,
who rules with a strong arm;
Like a shepherd Adonai feeds this flock;

with gentle arms gathers the lambs,
and carries them while leading the ewes with care.



R. Be ready for action with belts fastened and lamps alight. * Be like those who wait for their Master’s return.    V. Hold yourselves ready then, because the One you await will come at the time you least expect him.  * Be like those who wait for their Master’s return.  V. Glory to the Abba, and to the Word, and to the Holy Breath of Love.



Gospel Canticle of Zachary                                                                        Luke 1:68-79

Canticle may be preceded and followed by an antiphon based on the feast celebrated that day.

Gospel Antiphon:

The Bridegroom is near. Go out to meet him!


 It  is customary to make the sign of the cross at the beginning of the Gospel Canticle.

Blessed + be Adonai, the God of Israel,

Who visits this people to set us free

Raising for us a sign of salvation

In the house and family of David.


God promised throughout past ages

In words of holy prophets

To save us from our enemies,

And from the control of our oppressors.


Adonai favored our ancestors

And remembered the sacred covenant.

The pledge to Abraham and Sarah

Is now renewed for us;


That freed from the grip of our foes

We might worship without fear

And be both just and holy 

For the rest of our days.


And you, child, called “prophet of the Most High,”

Will go ahead to prepare the way,

By teaching this people of salvation

Through forgiveness of their sins.


For the loving compassion of the Holy One

As the Rising Sun has shown upon us

Illumines the darkness and dispels death’s shadow

To guide our feet on the way of peace.


Glory to the ONE and to the WORD

and to the BREATH of Love!

As always before, 

so now and evermore.  Amen


The Bridegroom is near. Go out to meet him!



Intercessory Prayer


In ancient times you freed those enslaved in Pharaoh’s empire;

Liberate us today, from our slavery to self-centeredness and greed.


In ancient times you fed people in the desert with manna from heaven;

Use us today to feed migrants and refugees fleeing from poverty and war.


In ancient times you gave thirsty people water springing from a rock;

Quench our thirst today, as we join the struggle for justice.


In ancient times you revealed your truth at Sinai with the precepts of the covenant;

Give us the strength this day, to fulfill the whole law with your Love.


Gathering our prayers and praise into one, we pray as Jesus taught the disciples:

Our Father …


Closing Prayer & Blessing

O Wondrous Love, Holy Source of all that is, we praise you on this special feastday remembering the life and the legends of  Saint Lucia.  As you blessed her with wisdom to keep her lamp trimmed for the coming of the Bridegroom,  may all who celebrate her feast keep watch through this Advent season to welcome Christ by feeding the hungry and caring for the whole of creation.  For yours is the glory and power of Love, now and forever.  Amen.


May the peace of the Holy ONE which surpasses all understanding + guard our hearts and our minds in Jesus-our Emmanuel. Amen.


Let us bless Adonai.   ~Thanks be to God.