II EASTER Wednesday

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Invitation to  Worship

Our Love is truly risen!  Alleluia! Alleluia!


O Holy One,+ open my lips.

~And my mouth will proclaim your praise.


Adonai, you search me and you know me, alleluia;

~You know my resting and my rising, alleluia!


Hymn for Easter Mornings

Our Justice, Christ, resplendent sun, from prison tomb bursts forth in light;

within us joy and gladness dance for Christ is risen in his might.


From death to life we have been raised, from earth to heaven we are led;

for Christ our resurrection joy is truly risen from the dead.


Let all the heavens burst with joy, let all the earth with song resound!

Let all creation join the dance for Christ is risen, death is bound!


Come share the endless reign of Christ; the hallowed chosen day has come!

Drink freely of the fresh new wine; there’s joy enough for everyone!


O Abba, Word and Spirit–spring in Whom we have been born anew,

our Earth is filled with Paschal light; our is the joy in praising you.  Amen.

Text: Aelred-Seton Shanley, alt. ; Tune: NEW JERUSALEM L.M. Mode III





This poor one called, Adonai heard my cry.

Psalm 33/34

I will bless Adonai at all times; God’s praise always on my lips;

In our God my soul shall makes its boast!  The humble shall hear and be glad.


Look towards God and be not ashamed; let your faces be radiant with joy:

This poor one called Adonai replied—rescued me from all my distress.


God’s angel surrounds all those who call, to save them from all they fear.

O taste and see Adonai is good! They are happy who trust in this Love.


Revere Adonai all you who are holy. They lack nothing who trust in God’s name.

Though lions may hunger and find no prey, those who seek God are not disappointed.


The face of Love turns away from evil that such deeds be remembered no more.

The just call, Adonai hears, rescues them from all their distress.


The just will suffer from anguish and trial but God will be there to save:

A guard to keep watch over all of their bones so that none of their bones will be broken. 


Adonai is close to the broken-hearted; those who spirit is crushed will be saved.

Adonai ransoms the souls of the poor: those who trust shall not be condemned.

 Text: Psalm 33/34 New Translation.  Setting: Tobias Colgan, OSB, alt. 

READING   Acts 5:17-19

The high priest rose up and all his companions,
that is, the party of the Sadducees,
and, filled with jealousy,
laid hands upon the Apostles and put them in the public jail.
But during the night, the angel of the Lord opened the doors of the prison,
led them out, and said,
“Go and take your place in the temple area,
and tell the people everything about this life.”
When they heard this, they went to the temple early in the morning and taught.



R.  Christ our Paschal Lamb has been sacrificed* alleluia, alleluia!.  V. Let us celebrate the festival in joy *alleluia, alleluia!  V.  Glory to the Abba and the Word and the Holy Breath of Love.


Canticle of Zachariah


God loved the world so much that God gave us the only-begotten Son.

Whoever believes in him will not perish, but will have everlasting life, alleluia!

Blessed + be Adonai, the God of Israel,

Who visits this people to set us free

Raising for us a sign of salvation

In the house and family of David.


God promised throughout past ages

In words of holy prophets

To save us from our enemies,

And from the control of our oppressors.


Adonai favored our ancestors

And remembered the sacred covenant.

The pledge to Abraham and Sarah

Is now renewed for us;


That freed from the grip of our foes

We might worship without fear

And be both just and holy

For the rest of our days.


And you, child, called “prophet of the Most High,”

Will go ahead to prepare the way,

By teaching this people of salvation

Through forgiveness of their sins.


For the loving compassion of the Holy One

As the Rising Sun will shine upon us

To illumine the darkness and dispel death’s shadow

To Guide our feet on the way of peace.


Glory to the ONE and to the WORD

And to the BREATH of Love!

As always before,

so now and evermore.  Amen

God loved the world so much that God gave us the only-begotten Son.

Whoever believes in him will not perish, but will have everlasting life, alleluia!





Litany of Intercession

O Risen Christ, help us to proclaim your resurrection ~ by bringing good new to the poor and healing the hearts that are broken.


O Risen Christ, help us to proclaim your resurrection, by feeding those who  are hungry and clothing those who are naked.


O Risen Christ, help us to proclaim your resurrection, by releasing the captives of injustice and all those who are imprisoned in addictions and sin.


O Risen Christ, help us to proclaim your resurrection, by welcoming strangers and immigrants and visiting those who are lonely or in prison.


O Risen Christ, help us to proclaim your resurrection, by bringing your peace to those who are in trouble and your joy to those who are in sorrow.


O Risen Christ, help us to proclaim your resurrection, by living sustainably in harmony with Mother Earth and all your beloved creation. 


Prayer of Jesus

Our Father…


Closing Prayer

We bless and thank you, O Gracious God, for all that you have done in raising Jesus from the dead. You have conquered the power of death and opened to us the way to freedom, flourishing and fullness of life which your love offers to us and all of your creation.  May the Risen Christ breathe into our hearts, minds and souls, and open our eyes that we may know him in the breaking and sharing of bread and follow him in his risen life now and forever.   Amen


May the God of Peace who raised Jesus from the dead + bless us and grant us peace.  ~Amen.


Let us bless Adonai, Alleluia, Alleluia!.    ~Thanks be to God, Alleluia, Alleluia!