Menu Ideas for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Traditional Mexican cuisine stays close to the Earth–Our Lady of Guadalupe came to the poor who know how to survive and know how to celebrate fiestas!  For the most part, the dishes are mostly vegetarian and even vegan–corn, rice, beans, chiles.  We won’t make all of these every year, but the following is a selection of some of the dishes we have prepared in the past to celebrate this feast.
Some years, we choose December 12 as a special day to patronize one of the local Mexican restaurants–

Feliz Fiesta de Nuestra Senora! 


sopa de espinaca con codito



Sopa de Espinaca con Codito (Spinach soup with macaroni)

Tacos (Stuffed tortillas)

Frijoles Negros (Black beans)

Mole Poblano (Chicken in spiced sauce)

Arroz (Rice)

Guacamole (Mashed avocados)

Cajeta (Boiled milk and sugar)

Flan (Custard)

Cafe con Leche (Coffee with milk)

Pulque,   Tequila,   Mezcal (Mexico’s national drinks)


Activity Source: Festive Recipes and Festival Menus by Sula Benet, Abelard-Schuman Limited, 1970