Living Sustainably–First Sunday of Advent




Sunshine & Laundry.  The Thanksgiving weekend provided bright sun and day time temperatures around 48 degrees–warm enough to get three loads of laundry hung outside on Friday and another on Saturday.  There is nothing like  the smell of laundry that has been dried outside–it smells even better when you can hang it  outside in the Winter.



Thanksgiving Feasting for 4 days and counting…  Having just celebrated  a wonderful Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, we are still enjoying the leftovers.  Our garden produced almost all of the vegetables– carrots, turnips, parsnips, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and the sugar pumpkins we used in the pies. There are still several tomatoes that were picked green before the freeze earlier this month so we had fresh tomatoes for each of these meals.   We froze one turkey breast for later in the month but have enjoyed some interesting variations on leftovers.  The last of the pies brings a festive end to our Sunday Dinner.  Maybe our ancestors who treated Advent as a pre-Christmas Lenten season had a good idea…


Stir Up Pudding… Better get started!