Advent I Saturday Morning

st sabas

December 5th — St. Sabas (439-532)

 Sabah the Sanctified was a Cappadocian-Greek monk, priest and saint who lived mainly in Palaestina Prima. He was the founder of several monasteries, most notably the one known as Mar Saba

O Holy ONE + open my lips,

~And my mouth will proclaim your praise.


Blest is the One who comes in the NAME of our God

~Hosanna in the highest!



All may sing or alternate the verses of an Advent Morning Hymn—


 O Savior, open heaven wide;

and once again this Adventide,

Unbar the portals, now, we pray

that hold us back from you today.


Awake, O earth, break forth in Spring

To crown this great awakening,

Bloom once again, O Flower Divine

and brightest Son of Jesse’s line.


Then praise and homage we will bring

To you our hymns of joy we’ll sing;

And we will bless you and adore

Forever and forevermore.  Amen

O Heiland, Reiss, L.M. 



Those who wish may sing alternate verses with the cantor.


Adonai takes delight in this people

and crowns the poor with compassion.

Psalm 149

Sing a new song to Adonai,

sing praise in the assembly of the faithful!

Let Israel rejoice in her Maker,

let the children of Zion exult in their God.

Let us all praise the Holy Name with dancing

and make music with timbrel and harp.


For Adonai takes delight in this people,

And crowns the poor with salvation.

Let the faithful rejoice in their glory,

shout for joy and enjoy the feast.

Let the praise of God be on our lips

and the sword of truth near at hand,


to teach God’s justice to the nations

revealing the consequences of their actions;

to break the chains of oppression

and unbind its fetters of iron;

to do God’s will on earth as in heaven,

the joy and honor of all who are faithful.


Glory to the ONE through the WORD

In the BREATH of Love!

As always before,

so now and evermore.  Amen

Adonai takes delight in this people

and crowns the poor with compassion.



Reading:  Isaiah 11:1-3a

A shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse,
and from his roots a bud shall blossom.
The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him:
a spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
A spirit of counsel and of strength,
a spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord,
and his delight shall be the fear of the Lord.



R. Let us see Holy One your mercy * give us your saving help.

V.   Your help is near for those who trust and your glory will dwell in our land. * give us your saving help.   V.  Glory to the Abba and the Word and the Holy Breath of Love.

Canticle of Zachariah


“Proclaim as you go, ‘The Reign of heaven is at hand.’
Cure the sick, raise the dead,
cleanse lepers, drive out demons.”

Blessed + be Adonai, the God of Israel,

Who visits this people to set us free

Raising for us a sign of salvation

In the house and family of David.


God promised throughout past ages

In words of holy prophets

To save us from our enemies,

And from the control of our oppressors.


Adonai favored our ancestors

And remembered the sacred covenant.

The pledge to Abraham and Sarah

Is now renewed for us;


That freed from the grip of our foes

We might worship without fear

And be both just and holy

For the rest of our days.


And you, child, called “prophet of the Most High,”

Will go ahead to prepare the way,

By teaching this people of salvation

Through forgiveness of their sins.


For the loving compassion of the Holy One

As the Rising Sun will shine upon us

To illumine the darkness and dispel death’s shadow

To guide our feet on the way of peace.


Glory to the ONE and to the WORD

And to the BREATH of Love!

As always before,

so now and evermore.  Amen


“Proclaim as you go, ‘The Reign of heaven is at hand.’
Cure the sick, raise the dead,
cleanse lepers, drive out demons.”

Intercessory Prayer

Lord Jesus, our light in days of darkness, Lord, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.


Christ Jesus, our hope in times of struggle, Christ, have mercy.

Christ, have mercy.


Lord Jesus, our promise from God on high, Lord, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.

Gathering our prayers and praise into one, we pray as Jesus taught the disciples:

Our Dear Abba …


Closing Prayer & Blessing

God of Holiness and Beauty, you inspired St. Sabas to use his considerable talents to gather communities to rehearse your reign in the monastic life.  May all who experience your blessings use their gifts to celebrate your goodness;
for yours is the glory and the power of love, now and forever.  Amen


May the peace of the Holy ONE which surpasses all understanding + guard our hearts and our minds in Jesus-our Emmanuel.


Let us bless Adonai.   ~Thanks be to God.